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Shaved Door Handle Kits Explained

Shaving your door handles is one of the cleanest most stylish mod's one can do. A clean line to complete your new paint job is just what the car show ordered. But how do you get the door open reliably without a door handle outside you ask. Its quite simple. You use a remote control, solenoids and a pair of door poppers to do the job. Read on for details on what the kit does and how it is installed.

What it Does

Shaved door handle kits allow you to open your door via remote control to gain access to your vehicle. The kit uses a control module which is generally 7 channels and a remote control to send a signal. Once the button is pressed, it activates a solenoid inside the door. The solenoid is a magnetic pulling device which can stroke 40lb each pull. The solenoid is connected to the door handle rod inside the door panel. When the signal is sent to the solenoid, the solenoid pulls the rod which opens your door. Installed in the door jam of the vehicle is a spring loaded door popper. This popper is compressed by the door when it is shut. Once the solenoid pulls the latch, the spring releases pushing the door open off its jam. In the event you lose your remote controls and have no handles, a emergency release switch is included. This button is hidden somewhere outside the vehicle. A press of this button will open the drivers door.

How it is installed

Installing the shaved door handle kit is fairly straight forward. Begin by mounting the control module. The control module must be mounted away from any moisture, preferably under the dash tie strapped to a wiring harness. Once the module is mounted, you will need to run your channel wires to each door. You will use the 7 channel control module. Channel 1 goes to the driver, channel 2 the passenger, channel 3 rear driver (if any) and channel 4 rear passenger (if any). Once you have these wires in the door, you will need to attach your high powered solenoids to the door. Begin by removing the door panel. Inside your door, you should have a void where you can recess the solenoid. Use the straps and hardware provided to mount the solenoid. Keep it as close to and inline with the door handle rod as possible. Once the solenoid is mounted tight, connect the aircraft cable and crimp to the door handle rod then to the hole on the top os the solenoid. This will make it so when the solenoid pulls, the handle pulls as well. When the door handle is pulled itself, there should be no bind. Now, connect the wires you have ran to the positive side of the solenoid, usually the white wire. Run the black wire into the cab of the vehicle and connect it to chassis ground (-), or the negative battery terminal. Make sure you ground the solenoid inside the vehicle. Grounding it in the door will surely cause malfunction. Once that is complete, you are left with a red, black and yellow wire on the control module. Connect the red wire to 12volts constant (+), or the positive battery terminal. Connect the black wire (-) to chassis ground, or the negative battery terminal. The yellow wire must be connected to a 12volt switched ignition feed. This wire must only have power when the vehicle is on. This will keep the shaved door kit remotes from working while the vehicle is driving.

That is basically is. Most shaved door handle kits come is multiple channel configurations, ours being 7. These channels can pop open doors, turn on lights, pop trunks and do many many more operations. The limits are endless if you have the skill.

Written By: Chris Glardon
Shaved Door Handle Products & Accessories we Offer
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High-Powered 7 Channel Shaved Door Handle Kit (40 Lb) with 2 Door Poppers
Remote Shaved Door Handle Kit (7 Channel Controller) SPAL

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