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Crimestopper SP600 - 2 Way Remote Car Starter, Car Alarm and Keyless Entry with 3D Color LCD Pager

This Product is Currently Unavailiable.
The SP-600 is a 2-Way combo security / remote start system that uses an OLED remote operating at a range of up to 4000ft. Sending and receiving commands is almost instant giving audible voice tones and full color 3D graphics for confirmation. The remote's scroll wheel user interface is a nice and easy way to navigate through the remote's many different menus making it easier to operate the system.
The OLED remote offers new color 3D graphics and audible voice tones to confirm user commands and illustrate any event that occurs on the system such as remote start, alarm trigger, trunk pop, etc. There is also a full trigger history menu that will display the past four triggers of the alarm to the user. The history reads out the time, date, and zone that was set off whether it be the shock sensor, door, hood / trunk or ignition.
Features & Specs
Not recommended to be used on manual transmission vehicles
Additional Information
The SP-600 has many security features that are different than our other systems such as "arming reminder"which will sound the siren 5 times to remind the user to lock the vehicle once the door is shut. The user can also arm the system without arming the shock sensor with the click of a button. Another great security measure is the "manual arming mode" which allows the user to arm and disarm the system without the use of the remote control. This handy feature can be used if the user misplaces the remotes or the battery life runs down.
vehicle operation: The user can pair the OLED remote with up to four different vehicles at one time. It also allows the user to give each vehicle it's own custom name and custom vehicle icon to help them distinguish between the vehicles. The remote will generate a full trigger history, status report and give full remote start functions of any of the four vehicles the user selects.
Do you often park at a parking meter or in a garage and cannot remember where you parked or how much time is left on the meter? This will never be a problem for you again if you have the SP-600. This system includes a parking meter and park area feature. The parking meter feature allows you to set a timer if you park your vehicle next to a parking meter. The remote will then alert you when the time is about to expire so you can run out and add more time to the parking meter. The park area feature allows you to set the location of where your vehicle is if you are parked in a big parking lot or in a parking garage. This makes it easy for you to recall where you parked your vehicle.
Changing the battery in the remote will not be a concern with the SP-600. The OLED remote uses an internal rechargeable battery and the kit comes included with a car charger and a house charger for the remote. Now all you have to do is simply plug it in and the remote will read out when the battery life if optimum.
There is a language setting on the remote which switches the audible voice tones and the icons between the English and Spanish language.
The SP-600 has the ability to give you the interior temperature of your vehicle by using the new temperature meter. This will let you know if your car is warmed up or cooled down enough to make your drive comfortable. There is also a battery voltage check meter to let you know what the exact battery voltage is in case you think your vehicle's battery may be low.
The Daily start mode has been completely refined to allow you to start the vehicle on any day of the week at any time of the day. Convenient if you usually start your car at the same time every morning or if you are going on vacation for a long period of time and want your vehicle to start every couple of days to get the gas and oil running through the engine.

Made by Crimestopper

This product carries a Full Manufacturer's Warranty!
Crime Stopper Car Alarm System, Keyless Entry, and Remote Start Range is 4000Ft.
This is a universal product.

Use Our Vehicle Application Guide to Build a System!


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