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Volkswagen Scirocco 1974-1992 with 4 Cylinder and 5 Speed 020 Cable Transmission Only Wavetrac LSD Conversion



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Volkswagen Scirocco 1974-1992 with 4 Cylinder and 5 Speed 020 Cable Transmission Only Wavetrac LSD Conversion. One of the known shortcomings of a typical torque biasing differential is its loss of drive under zero or near-zero torque conditions. In this scenario, the differential would almost act as if it was "open". When there is no load applied through the drivetrain, the differential will not translate torque to both wheels without some assistance. Well, it has arrived. The Wavetrac differential uses a patent pending design to utilize low traction conditions to improve grip. Using wave technology, converging / diverging wave profiles are placed on one wheel's gear, and its mating preload hub. The two side gears will then rotate relative to each other, each wave suface climbing the other, causing them to move apart. This brings about an increase in normal force through the side gears, steadily increasing the bias ratio as a function of load. This is an increase that happens only if the conditions find it necessary, and it is automatically done without any driver input. This precisely engineered wave design center pack differential stabilizer is able to seamlessly revert back and forth between bias ratios, almost at will, as conditions call for it. Wavetrac has designed a smaller, more durable Limited Slip Differential option for many vehicles, being that they started with a clean slate. Never before has a differential been current with the gear technology of today, with internal gear tooth forms that are optimized for strength and improved oil film retention, and more detail paid to the side/gear axle interface by substantially thickening the critical areas, something extremely important when power levels get high. The most critical facet for Wavetrac, though, is the construction of each unit, as high strength 9310 alloy steel, and only that, is used for the internal gears. The actual diff body is machined from case hardened steel billet, then the whole package is finished off with nothing but high strength fasteners from ARP.
Features & Specs
Comes standard with carbon-fiber bias plates for the best all around performance.
Friction plates provide a mechanism to tune the response of the differential as a function of applied torque load.
Interchangeable plates using materials with different friction coefficients to fine tune the bias ratio are available upon request. Please contact customer service for price and availability.

Made by Wavetrac

This product carries a Full Manufacturer's Warranty!
Limited Slip Differential Conversion fits 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 Volkswagen Scirocco


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