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Exhaust Headers
Exhaust Headers
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Scion Exhaust Headers -

Welcome to the Auto Accessory Super Store’s Scion Exhaust Headers page. Here you will find the latest Exhaust Headers for your Scion at the lowest everyday price. features name brand aftermarket products that allow you to customize your Scion at prices you will not believe!
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Just a Few of the  Scion Exhaust Headers We Carry

Scion TC 2005-2007 Exhaust Headers

Scion TC 2005-2007   Exhaust Headers
 MSRP: $279.99
Just: $186.99 Kit

Scion XA, XB 03-05 DC Sports Ceramic 4 to 1 Exhaust Headers

Scion XA, XB 03-05 DC Sports Ceramic 4 to 1 Exhaust Headers
 MSRP: $419.99
Just: $299.99 Each
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Learn More About Scion Exhaust Headers
A header is very important to the exhaust system of your Scion. The purpose of headers, or exhaust headers, as they are commonly known, is to help reduce the back pressure of the engine and allow the exhaust gasses to escape to escape more efficiently and a lot more smoother, thereby increasing your engine's horsepower and torque much more than just stock exhaust manifolds.

Headers are also designed in different exhaust ratios that range anywhere from low end to high end performances and it is important to know the difference when purchasing exhaust headers for your Scion. If you are constantly driving in the city or are constantly pulling loads and want better take off because of it, then you will want to go with a low end torque performance header.

For those of you who are constantly driving at high speeds on the highways and by ways, then the higher end Scion performance headers are what you need.

Exhaust headers are far more efficient than stock exhaust manifolds because the pipes that individually go to each cylinder and allows the exhaust gasses to escape more efficiently and reducing the back pressure in the engine. The pipes then come together into a bigger pipe known as the “collector”. Stock Scion manifold exhausts do not do this. In a stock manifold, the exhaust gases from one cylinder build up pressure in the manifold and that in turn affects the next cylinder that uses the manifold and so on down the line, creating more back pressure and reducing the engine's torque and horsepower in your Scion.

At, we have a wide variety of headers for your Scion and at prices that will be welcomed by you in these harsh economic times. So when you are looking for exhaust performance parts, at competitive prices, you need not look any farther than right here at
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