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Fiat Performance Exhaust -

Welcome to the Auto Accessory Super Store’s Fiat Exhaust Systems page. Here you will find the latest Exhaust Systems for your Fiat at the lowest everyday price. features name brand aftermarket products that allow you to customize your Fiat at prices you will not believe!
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Just a Few of the  Fiat Exhaust Systems We Carry

Fiat 500 1.4l 2012-2012 Borla 2" Cat-Back Exhaust System - Dual Round Rolled Angle-Cut

Fiat 500 1.4l 2012-2012 Borla 2" Cat-Back Exhaust System - Dual Round Rolled Angle-Cut
 MSRP: $819.99
Just: $702.99 Kit
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Learn More About Fiat Exhaust Systems
You love your Fiat or you would not have taken the time or spent the money to own one so why not baby it and show it off a little bit with a performance exhaust system from

A performance exhaust system from will not only enhance the power but will also give your Fiat an awe-inspiring sound and an awesome, custom look.

Most of us know a car needs an exhaust system but not many people know why or even what an exhaust system is beyond a muffler and a tail pipe. Simply put, an exhaust system is used to get burned gases from the engine of your car through a piping system that may include a cylinder head and exhaust manifold, a turbo-charger, used to increase the power of the engine, a catalytic converter which decreases air pollution and a muffler to reduce the noise. Note that most states in North America require your vehicle to have a catalytic converter.

So if you are shopping at for a Fiat performance exhaust system, you should consider a cat-back system.

A cat-back exhaust system is usually the part of the exhaust system that goes from the catalytic converter to the muffler to the tail pipe and then to the open air. A cat-back system has a larger diameter pipe than a stock system and has a mandrel – bent turn that will allow the gases to leave the exhaust system of your Fiat with very little back pressure and the mufflers are usually glass-packs which reduce back pressure as well.

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