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Toyota Tercel Lowering Springs

Toyota AccessoriesLowering springs allow you to drop the suspension of your Toyota Tercel, increase the cornering ability and to add that custom look you want. We have a large selection of Tercel Lowering kits available online from many of todays top brands like Eibach, H&R, B&G and Tein. If you are looking to improve the handling of your Toyota Tercel we suggest you read the information that we have supplied for each of our Lowering Spring Kits below. Toyota Tercel Lowering Springs come in a varity of spring rates and drop distance so you can customize your ride height and handling the way you want it. If you have questions please email or call us toll free.
Top Brands:
• Arospeed
• B & G
• Dropzone
• Tein
Toyota Tercel Accessories
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Just a Few of the Toyota Tercel Lowering Spring Kits We Carry...


Toyota Tercel 1995-1998 B&G S2 Sport Lowering Springs

Toyota Tercel 1995-1998 B&G S2 Sport Lowering Springs
Lowering Springs fit 1995 1996 1997 1998 Toyota Tercel
 MSRP: $354.99
Just: $259.99 Kit


Toyota Tercel/Paseo 91-96 Arospeed Lowering Springs

Toyota Tercel/Paseo 91-96 Arospeed Lowering Springs
Lowering Springs fit 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 Toyota Tercel Paseo
 MSRP: $139.99
Just: $125.99 Set


Toyota Tercel 1987-1994 B&G S2 Sport Lowering Springs

Toyota Tercel 1987-1994 B&G S2 Sport Lowering Springs
Lowering Springs fit 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 Toyota Tercel
 MSRP: $354.99
Just: $259.99 Kit


Toyota Tercel 1995-1999 1.5l Ff Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs

Toyota Tercel 1995-1999 1.5l Ff Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs
Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs Fit 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 Toyota Tercel
 MSRP: $280.00
Just: $224.99 Kit
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Questions and Answers about Lowering Springs

Q: How much can I lower my car?

A: This depends on how much gap you have between the top of the tire and your fender lip. It is best to measure this before you choose the level of drop.

Q: Do I need new shocks or struts when I add Lowering Springs to my car?

A: If your stock shocks /struts are in good working order it is not necessary to change them.

Q: Will I lose some ride comfort when I add Lowering Springs?

A: Yes you will lose a little ride comfort but the gain in handling will far outweigh the loss in ride comfort.

Q: What brand of lowering springs should I add if I do not road race or track my car and just want the lower look?

A: We recommend the DropZone springs for this type of customer.

Q: I want to track my car on weekends but I still want a comfortable ride what brand spring should I use?

A: You are safe with any of the lowering kits from Eibach, Tein or B&G. They are all designed and engineered for this type of use.

Q: Do I need a camber Kit when I add lowering springs to my car?

A: Most cars are safe with a 1.5 inch to 2 inch drop without the need of a camber kit. Camber Kit use also depends on the vehicles level of suspension adjustment.


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