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Scion TC Alignment Kits & TC Camber / Caster Kits

Scion AccessoriesIf you have lowered the suspension on your Scion TC and cannot get the Alignment in spec then you know what you need to do. Correcting the Alignment on a lowered Scion TC is the only way to eliminate the need for new tires every 5000 miles. Your TC's Camber and Caster can be adjusted with an Alignment kit from Eibach so you can enjoy your new lowering spring kit or Coil Over kit without the problems of running so much negative camber. If you need help selecting a Scion TC Camber Kit please call our experts at 1-800-780-1409.
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Scion TC Accessories
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Just a Few of the Scion TC Alignment Kits We Carry...


Scion TC 2005-2010 Rear Alignment Kit

Scion TC    2005-2010 Rear Alignment Kit
Rear Alignment Kit Fits 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Scion TC (Camber Arm. Rear - Camber +/-3.25 degrees of adjustment)
 MSRP: $320.99
Just: $213.99 Kit


Scion TC 2005-2010 Front Alignment Kit

Scion TC    2005-2010 Front Alignment Kit
Front Alignment Kit Fits 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Scion TC (Camber Bolts 17mm. Front - Camber +/-1.75 degrees of adjustment.)
 MSRP: $41.99
Just: $27.99 Kit
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Questions and Answers about Camber Kits

Q: I lowered my car and my mechanic said he cannot get my carís alignment in spec now. Is this true or is my Mechanic taking advantage of me.

A: This is true. When you lower a car too much, the wheels tend to develop too much negative camber. Since the manufacture never intended the suspension to ride this low there is no adjustment built into your suspension that can correct this.

Q: What does a Camber Kit do?

A: A Camber kit will increase the range of alignment adjustment on a car or truck. This will allow for correction of negative camber, positive camber, toe settings and caster adjustments.

Q: I installed a set of lowering springs on my car and now the inside of the tires are wearing out within a few thousand miles. Do I need an alignment kit?

A: Yes. The tire wear will not go away until you have corrected the alignment on the vehicle to factory specification.

Q: My alignment is off because my car was damaged in an accident. Will a camber adjustment kit fix this problem?

A: Yes and no. First you will need to have the damage to your suspension repaired back to factory specifications. In some cases a body shop or auto body frame repair shop cannot get the frame 100% correct. In these cases an alignment kit can help.

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