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Honda Fit Bug Shields | Fit Hood Shield | Front Stone Deflector

Custom fit Hood Shields are designed to fit the Honda Fit like a glove. Designed to protect the paint on your hood from bug and road debris a Hood Shield it a low cost solution to an expensive repaint on your Fit
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Just a Few of the Honda Fit Bug Shields We Carry...


Honda Fit 2007-2008 Acrylic Aeroskin Hood Shield (smoke)

Honda Fit 2007-2008  Acrylic Aeroskin Hood Shield (smoke)
Aeroskin Bug Shield Fits 2007 2008 Honda Fit
 MSRP: $70.49
Just: $46.99 Each


Honda Fit 2009-2010 Acrylic Aeroskin Hood Shield (smoke)

Honda Fit 2009-2010  Acrylic Aeroskin Hood Shield (smoke)
Aeroskin Bug Shield Fits 2009 2010 Honda Fit
 MSRP: $70.49
Just: $46.99 Each
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Questions & Answers about Bug Shields

Q: Are Bug Deflectors easy to install?

A: Yes. They can be installed on your car or truck in minutes with only common house hold tools.

Q: Will a Bug Shields damage my paint?

A: No they are designed to never come in contact with the paint or your vehicle. They actually protect your paint from flying debris and bug splatter.

Q: If I take my vehicle through the automatic car wash will my Bug Deflector get damaged?

A: In most cases no but some car drive thru car wash systems can be rough on the finish of your vehicle and we recommend staying away from this type of wash even if you do not have a bug shield.

Q: I see the Bug Shields come in smoked and chrome finish are they both made of the flexible material that will not crack or chip?

A: Yes they are both made from the same grade of flexible plastic the chrome shield is just dipped in chrome for appearance.

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