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Ford Escape Headlights | Escape Halo, LED, Projector, Crystal & Factory Headlights

Ford AccessoriesGet your lights on with a new pair of Ford Escape projector headlights. Replacing your stock headlights has never been easier, with our cool colors like black or chrome and features like LED and Halo rings. With plug and play harness designed to connect to your factory Ford wiring installation is a snap. Be sure and check out our complete catalog of Ford Escape accessories and performance parts as your project continues.
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Ford Escape Accessories
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Just a Few of the Ford Escape Headlights We Carry...


Ford Escape 2005-2007 Black Projector Headlights

Ford Escape  2005-2007 Black  Projector Headlights
Black Projector Headlights Fit 2005 2006 2007 Ford Escape
 MSRP: $316.49
Just: $210.99 Pair


Ford Escape 2005-2007 Chrome Projector Headlights

Ford Escape  2005-2007 Chrome  Projector Headlights
Chrome Projector Headlights Fit 2005 2006 2007 Ford Escape
 MSRP: $316.49
Just: $210.99 Pair
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Questions and Answers about Headlights

Q: What are Projector Headlights?

A: Projector Headlights feature a special lens that projects the light much farther down the road. The beam of light is more concentrated than the typical headlight beam.

Q: What are Euro Headlights?

A: Euro Headlights are a clear lense design light the is cleaner and brighter than factory lights.  The back part of the headlight housing is designed to reflect more light with diamond angles.

Q: What does CCFL mean?

A: Cold cathode fluorescent lamps. CCFLs use a discharge in mercury vapor to develop ultraviolet light, which causes a florescent coating on the inside of the lamp to make a visible light. This means it is a brighter and more even light. This technology is used in the Halo or Angel Eye rings on many of the lights that we sell.

Q: How hard is it to install headlights in my car?

A: It is the same as changing out a factory headlight. Most vehicles only require the removal of a few screws and clips and then you unplug the factory light and reverse the steps to install the new lights.

Q: Do I need to cut or splice wires to install Projector or Euro Headlights?

A: No. The Headlights that we sell have the factory harness connector so they are just plug and play.

Q: Are Projector Headlights legal?

A: Yes all of the headlights that we sell are DOT approved.

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